Do I in need brake repair? Here are three signs that say yes


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When it comes to the safety of you and your family while you're out on the road, there isn't a system in your car of greater importance than your brakes. Whether the road is frozen over or you're cruising along the highway in deer county, you need to be able to know that when you step on the pedal, your car will come to a safe stop. Even if you're someone who rarely drives outside of the commute to work and back, the reality is that the unexpected can occur at any given moment, and when it does, you need to be able to rely on your brakes.

Often times, people don't take seriously the symptoms of brake trouble. Drivers will write it off as nothing more than “just a little squeaking.” But that squeaking is telling you something. It's telling you that a problem has started and you need to act now before it gets worse and your safety is compromised. There are several signs that could mean you are in need of brake repair. Here are three of those signs:

High-Pitched Squealing

If a high-pitched squealing is coming from your brakes, then this could very well mean that your brake pads have worn down to the point that the little piece of metal attached to your pad is rubbing up against the rotor. In this scenario, you'll want to get to the shop as soon as you can because there's a strong possibility you'll be able to address the problem before it gets worse and becomes too expensive. Just by being proactive and getting to the shop at the first sign of a problem, you could save yourself a significant amount of money.


If when you step on the brake pedal you feel a metal-on-metal sensation, then there's a fair chance you've already been through the squealing phase. The grinding could mean that your brake pads have essentially disintegrated, leaving you to just hope that no damage has been done to the discs. If you're experiencing this symptom, you'll want to call the shop to make an appointment right away.

Veering to One Side

If you've noticed that your car is veering to either the right or left when you step on the brakes, you'll need to get to the mechanic as soon as you possible can. At this point, you're putting yourself and your passengers in a very risky situation---as well as everyone else on the road. It's possible that this is happening because a caliper has frozen up as a result of corrosion. But regardless of the reason, you'll want to get the problem fixed to ensure that your car can be safely operated.

If you're in need of brake repair, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. For brake repair in Olympia, the experts to contact are at Kohout's Automotive at (360) 383-5307. Go ahead and give Kohout's Automotive a call today!


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ