What are the warning signs of engine failure?


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Even if you are meticulous about keeping up on all of your auto maintenance requirements, it's still useful to be knowledgeable about any concerning signs that might arise in regard to your engine. While some of the warning signs listed below could mean that you need a rebuild or even replacement, there's also a fair chance that a basic repair could address the issue. Here's a look at five warning signs of engine failure.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

The problem here is often indicated by the color of the smoke. Black smoke suggests that the engine is burning up too much gasoline. Blue smoke is indicative of an oil leak. If you see white-colored smoke, then you may well have a coolant leak, which could subsequently result in overheating.


If it's apparent that vibrations are coming from your engine, the issue could be metal-on-metal contact caused by low oil.

Knocking Noise

This may very well also be an indication of low oil, with the sound resulting from a lack of lubrication. It's possible that simply adding fresh oil will address the problem. However, it's also possible that you'll need the bottom end of your engine rebuilt.

Loss of Power

As a vehicle ages, it wouldn't be too concerning for it to gradually lose a bit of power. But if that loss is sudden, there is cause for concern.

Decreased Gas Mileage

This might mean that you have issues with your engine's compression stroke. If you've noticed problems with your fuel-efficiency, it's a good idea to get to the mechanic and have diagnostics performed as soon as possible.

If you're in need of engine repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For auto repair in Lacey, WA, the experts to contact are at Kohout's Automotive at (360) 383-5307. Go ahead and give Kohout's Automotive a call today!


Written By Brian Corey

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