Why are Oil Changes so Important?


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Why are Oil Changes so Important?
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When a vehicle leaves a factory it comes with a service schedule dictated by the engineers who designed the vehicle and all of its components, including the engine. One of the things on that schedule will be how often the engine oil should be changed. Some of the newest cars on the road can travel up to 10,000 miles without needing an oil change, but for the large majority, vehicles should be receiving one about every 3,000 miles. But why do oil changes need to happen so often?

Regulate Engine Temperature

Fresh oil has the ability to assist the cooling system by absorbing heat produced by the engine. As the oil breaks down and collects contaminants it loses its ability to perform this very important job. The old oil will begin to reflect heat and can actually increase the temperature within the engine, putting your vehicle at risk of overheating and major engine damage.

Remove Engine Grime

As mentioned, as oil flows through the engine it collects dirt, dust, metal particles and other contaminants that have made their way inside the engine. When the old oil is drained it brings all this debris with it, essentially cleaning out the engine!

Fresh Oil Filter

When oil is picking up all of the dirt and dust most of it gets trapped in the oil filter. If this filter becomes clogged it will prevent the proper circulation of oil that could cause a lack of lubrication for the moving parts.

Overall Vehicle Check

As part of an oil change most repair shops will conduct a vehicle inspection to let you know about other potential problems of if you're due for other scheduled maintenance services, such as a coolant flush or automatic transmission service. The technicians may also inform you of worn belts and hoses, low tire pressure and other issues you may not be aware of.

Complete Engine Lubrication

The most important reason to change your oil is to ensure the moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated. Without sufficient oil the moving parts will grind on each other and eventually cause your engine to seize, resulting in the need for extensive repair or engine replacement.

Don't put off oil changes, they are incredibly vital to your vehicle's health and performance. For an expert oil change in Olympia bring your vehicle to Kohout's Automotive. We perform all sorts of scheduled maintenance and auto repair for all makes and models of vehicles. Give Kohout's a call today at (360) 383-5307 to schedule an appointment or request a quote for professional auto repair in Olympia.


Written By Brian Corey

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