3 Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repair


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Check Engine Light IssuesThat knocking noise coming from under the hood isn't your car trying to tell you a joke, but it is trying to warn you that you may be in for serious engine trouble if you don't bring your car to the mechanic very soon. Replacing or rebuilding an engine may seem like an expensive investment, but if your car is in otherwise good condition it is generally a better option than trying to sell your non-running car. If you experience any of these signs of engine trouble be sure to contact your mechanic right away to avoid even more engine issues.

Metal Shavings in the Engine Oil

When you change your vehicle's oil it is important to inspect the drained oil for impurities, especially metal shavings. Metal shavings would mean that metal on metal contact is happening within your car's engine. This is a sure sign of a major problem that should be left to expert mechanics to repair.

Loud Engine Knocking

The engine's moving parts rest on engine bearings which are lubricated as oil flows through the motor while it is in motion. If these bearings become worn out due to high mileage or running the engine with low oil levels, they produce a loud knocking sound. If the problem is unattended it can lead to complete engine failure.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

If you burn engine oil it will produce a white-blue smoke, so if you notice excessive smoke of this color exiting your vehicle, then you likely have an oil leak inside your vehicle's engine. One common spot for these leaks is at the piston rings. As the rings wear out the will no longer seal properly allowing oil to flow past the them and the oil will be burned with the gasoline in the cylinder.

If you experience any of these issues you should contact your local auto mechanic to have the problem resolved before it gets worse. For expert engine repair in Olympia call Kohout's Automotive. Our staff of ASE certified mechanics have access to the latest engine diagnostics tools so we can quickly identify what is causing your engine stress. Call Kohout's today at (360) 383-5307 to schedule an appointment for engine diagnostics in Olympia!


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ