Own a car from Asia or Europe? Be sure to take it to a foreign auto repair expert!


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Own a car from Asia or Europe? Be sure to take it to a foreign auto repair expert!
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If you drive a vehicle that is from a foreign country, you'll want to be sure to take it to a mechanic who has expertise in your particular make and model. From Saab to Subaru, bring it to an expert to ensure top-quality repair. If your vehicle is from one of these six countries, be sure to visit a foreign auto repair specialist.

Japanese Auto Repair

For Honda, Toyota, and Subaru repair in Lacey, WA, make sure you have a specialist get the job done.

Korean Auto Repair

Hyundais and Kias are largely about economic efficiency. That same mentality should hold constant when seeking out a mechanic. Get your repairs done at a reasonable rate by ASE-certified mechanics.

German Auto Repair

For repairs on fine German automobiles, you'll want to be sure that you're in good hands. Whether you drive an Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes, you'll want to go to a reputable specialist.

English Auto Repair

For your road racer, whether a Mini or a Jaguar, be sure to visit an expert.

Swedish Auto Repair

Working on Saabs and Volvos can be tricky for those who don't have specialized experience in Swedish repairs.

Italian Auto Repair

For those Italian beauties, you definitely want to only do business with a shop that is well-rehearsed in their repairs.

If you're in need of Asian or European auto repair, be sure to visit a reputable shop. For domestic and foreign auto repair in Lacey, WA, the experts to contact are at Kohout's Automotive at (360) 383-5307. Go ahead and give Kohout's Automotive a call today for all of your domestic and international mechanical needs!


Written By Brian Corey

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