4 Signs of a Transmission Problem


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We sometimes make assumptions about our cars that can ultimately have negative effects on our bank accounts. While in the back of our mind there exists a notion that our car could break down, we set out about our day with the assumption that it won't. Even if something seems a little out of whack, many of us have a tendency to assume that it's nothing to worry about----until it becomes very obviously something that needs immediate attention. We go about our daily routine---driving the kids to school, then off to work, then there's the grocery store and soccer practice---and we rely on our car to get us from point A to point B without issue. Especially if we have a newer model car, we expect that our vehicle will do its job, and do it without issue.

But, in reality, we each drive an intricate piece of machinery that is filled with moving mechanical parts and is put through incredible stresses. As your odometer turns, those stresses result in wear, and eventually the wear leads to failures. It's inevitable with every car. The key is recognizing the symptoms of a problem when they first arise, so that you don't end up spending significantly more at the shop than should've been necessary. One of the systems in your car that will eventually need to be addressed is the transmission. There are several signs of a potential transmission problem. Here are three of them:


You should regularly be keeping an eye on the ground of the driveway or garage where you usually park. You want to be watching for oil leaks, but there are other fluids to be on the lookout for as well. If there is a puddle of reddish or brownish fluid below where you typically park, this could be transmission fluid. You'll then want to check your fluid level to seek further evidence of a leak. However, if you decide to do the refilling yourself, bear in mind that overfilling brings its own set of issues.

Burning odor

If a burning smell is wafting out from your vehicle, there are many possible problems to take into consideration. One of those possibilities is that you're burning transmission fluid, which would mean that the fluid is running too hot, making it hard for it to do its job, and ultimately creating a situation that can add stress to your car. Again, a way to help determine if this is the case is by checking your fluid level.

Gears slipping

If you're cruising along and you suddenly pop out of gear, this is a time-tested sign of a significant transmission issue. If you're experiencing gear slippage, you'll want to get to the shop as soon as you possibly can because at this point you've essentially lost the ability to maintain control over your car.

Stalling out

If you're at a stop light and you stall out, this could mean a variety of things. One possibility is that you're transmission lines are faulty, which you'll want to address right away before the problem worsens.

If you're considering getting to the shop for transmission work, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Olympia area, the experts to contact are at Kohout's Automotive at (360) 383-5307. Let them help you get the most out of your car or truck.


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ