5 Red Flags that Could Mean it's Time for a Tune-Up


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Many car owners believe that so long as their vehicle isn't showing any significant symptoms of a problem, then there's really no need to bring it to the shop. And while this thinking might hold true with a car that has low miles, once your vehicle hits that 100,000 mark, it's important that you get in for a tune-up every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. It's easy for us to forget just how much stress we put our cars through, but even if you use your vehicle only to commute between work and home, the odometer continues to turn. You car is filled with a wealth of parts that fit intricately together, and for those parts to continue doing their job well into the future, it's important that they receive the appropriate maintenance, especially after you mileage count hits six figures.

It's easy to procrastinate bringing your car into the shop for a tune-up, particularly when it's not showing signs of a problem. But a tune-up can catch issues before they grow into full-blown, expensive nightmares. Aside from saving you from any potential major repair hazards, a tune-up can also be beneficial by improving your car's overall performance. There are a number of red flags that could mean it's time for a tune-up. Here are five of them:

Decreased fuel-efficiency

This could mean that you have failing spark plugs or are in need of a filter change. Both of these issues can be taken care of with ease during a tune-up.


This could be happening for a number of reasons. One possibility, again, could be the spark plugs. If your car has been stalling, you'll want to take note of the situation that seems to be causing it, and then tell your mechanic about it.

Difficulty starting

If your vehicle doesn't seem to want to start up, one possibility is it needs an ignition adjustment, which can be taken care of during a tune-up.


There are a handful of reasons why your car could be vibrating. Two possible culprits include a failing U-joint and unbalanced tires.

Mileage points

As noted earlier, after 100,000 miles you'll want to get in every 10,000-20,000. However, it's a good idea to consult your manufacturer's recommendations to seek more specific guidelines.

If you're considering getting in for a tune-up, be sure you visit a trusted shop. For tune-ups in the Olympia area, the experts to contact are at Kohout's Automotive at (360) 383-5307. Go ahead and give Kohout's a call today!


Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ